Urangan Fisheries offers a wide range of other products for the export market.
Please see below for a list of these products.

Frozen whole Moreton Bay Lobster (Bugs) – (Wild caught Australian product)

Sizes available

  • Large  (180 grams to 280 grams)
  • XLarge (280 grams plus)

Packing is in 10kg generic carton.


Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name – Thenus orientalis
  • Family – Lund
  • Sourced from the East Coast of Queensland (Fishing in the pristine Pacific Ocean)
  • Seasonal Availability – November to May

Other Products available for Export include:

Moreton Bay Bug

Tiger Prawns

Banana Prawns


Spanner Crabs

Spanner Crab Meat

Whole Oysters

Champagne Lobster

Whole Whiting

Mixed Reef Fish