Urangan Fisheries Pty Ltd, is one of the longest standing seafood processors/exporters in Queensland having been established in 1989.

urangan fisheries building

Many of our key staff carry the same accumulative years of seafood experience and remain committed to providing exceptional quality seafood products and friendly service.

Our major buyers have been dealing with our company for over 20 years and still remain loyal to our products. Our company premises consists of a processing factory, freezing facility, cold storage, raw material handling facility, ice production and offices. We are situated on the ocean front and approx. 600 meters from the harbour where fishing trawlers are unloaded on arrival. We have our own fleet of trawlers and also receive constant supply from owner operated private fishing vessels. All these fishing vessels operate in pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean to deliver fresh from the sea to you, the best quality and best tasting wild caught seafood.

Quality Products Available for Export

Urangan fisheries Pty Ltd., has a class “A” accreditation by the Government AQIS department which is the highest available for seafood processing. Our HACCP plan is part of this accreditation. We ensure through training our production methods and performance will continue to be beyond the requirements of our HACCP plan.   We specialize in the following seafood products.

Frozen Scallop Meat, Roe Off
(Wild Caught)

Frozen Whole Bay Lobster
(Wild Caught)

Frozen Whole Raw Prawns
(Wild Caught)

Urangan Fisheries Pty Ltd., make every effort to maintain a constant supply of seafood to our customers and to meet their demands. In some instances bad weather and seasonal failures could restrict supply. We welcome all inquiries with a friendly attitude intending to establish close business relationships.

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